Description of basic buildings:

Copper mine - produces copper for the Empire.

Gold Mine - produces crowns for the Empire.

Bakery - produces food for the Empire.

Market - spells are sold here.

Academy - upgrades and improves units from Barracks.

Barracks - produces recruits; units can be trained here if recruits are available.

Laboratory - spells can be upgraded here.

Tavern - mighty heroes can be hired and upgraded here.

Post - resources can be sent to the empire members

Why have I lost my influence? Why again 1000?

Influence is reset to 1000 every monday.

Why do we need resources and how do we get them?

Resources are necessary to construct and upgrade buildings, train soldiers, claim territory, buy spells and accomplish huge range of other tasks. Resources are produced by special buildings: copper is mined in the copper mines, crowns are produced by the gold mines, the food is cooked at the Bakery. Resources are produced automatically up to a limit. They can be gathered by the player at any time if at least one unit is available. 

Why do we need experts?

Experts are necessary to improve the buildings, units, to claim new territory and improve spells. You can get them by asking friends or spend rubies to buy them instantly.

Why do we need recruits?

Recruits are the basis of any army. You train them to get battle-ready warrior. Recruits are produces automatically without your participation in the barracks and other buildings which produce units.

What is the Battle of the Kings?

The Battle of the Kings - this is "player versus player" mode. Here you can attack other players' cities, destroy them and obtain a new kind of resources - runes. Runes are nesessary to buy all kinds of improvements for your city.

What is Empire?

Empire - a game mode, which extends the capabilities of "player versus player" mode. Players can create their own empire and fight for the championship and prizes. Each player can create his empire after the seventh level and paying a price for its creation.

How does the battle mode work?

The battle is divided into two phases: preparatory and active. In the preparatory phase, you assign units to fight. Units are appointed by "the queue" in the slots. Next unit comes after the death of the first one. The amount of units of one type is capped for every batthe. The active part is the main stage of a fight. It turn-based. At the top of the screen there is a line of battle, showing the order in which your units or enemy units attack. You and your opponent can also use a variety of spells that damage or healing your troops.

What is a "map" and why is it necessary?

In addition to "player versus player" mode you can also battle all sorts of monsters and fabulous creatures by moving to the map to start and complete quests. Those battles use the same system.

Why can't I get into the game?

Most likely, we are doing technical works, but if you don't see any news about technical works in the community of the game, you should try restarting the browser to clean cookies and cache. If is doesn't help - contact administrator of the community.

What is "error 4000" and how can I fight it?

Most likely, we are doing technical works, but if you don't see any news about technical works in the community of the game, you should try restarting the browser to clean cookies and cache. If is doesn't help - adress "[!] Errors / bugs / lag and other technical issues."

Is Sir Robert saved after the battle?

Yes, he will not disappear.

Is it possible to move / delete / reset my game account?


Why is my enemy's level much higher than mine in PvP mode?

We know this problem, we are constantly working on a solution (improved gameplay mechanics), to increase the comfort of players, but so far none of the solutions satisfy us.

Why do I get so few resourses after winning PvP battle?

He may have spent them all before battle.

What does the description say: "Requires building level 2 (or N)"?

You should upgrade this building to the second level (or N).

Why can't I build a "House of Heroes"? I also have 30 rubies.

"Home of Heroes" costs 30 diamonds, not rubies.

Are my units consumed after defence?


How can I join an empire?

Press "Empire" button. There you can see the empire contest, look for suitable empire and apply for join.

How is influence of the empire calculated?

1 50% 

2 50%  3 50%  4 25%  5 25%  6 12%  7 12%  8 8%  9 8%  10 3% 

First digit is your place amongst empire members. Second digit is influence contribution percentage.

Why can't I gather resources and click buildings?

This bug happens sometimes. You should clean your cookies and browser cache. If this doesn't help - change the browser.

Why do I receive less runes for successful attack than I lose for failed defence?

Players lose 5% of total amount of runes after every unsuccessful defence. The winner only takes sum of runes looted from destroyed buildings.

Why doesn't successful defence count towards "experienced strategist" archievement's counter?

This happens because the attacker has fled from the battlefield.

Why is "revenge" unavailable?

Because the player might be online or under siege. You should wait a bit to attack him. Remember, you can only avenge last 4 attackers.

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